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about Live from London: Probably one of the best concert recordings ever. It was recorded in 1995. during their "These Days" tour.
This is Bon Jovi at its best, during their prime rock days.

Watching this concert we cannot omit the fact that nowadays Jon is not capable of pulling those high notes like he did here in London.

This is the Wembley you'll never see again - literally. The whole stadium has since been demolished and rebuilt.

Bon Jovi performed some of its greatest hits. Majority of the songs were from the "Slippery When Wet" and "New Jersey" era. While only 2 songs were played from their actual touring album ("These Days").

Here, and virtually on every Bon Jovi show science 1990., we can notice how the band is trying to "hide" its initial rocking years. No songs were played from the first two albums. It seems that Bon Jovi would really like to forget about those wild hair days. Although it is a fact that many fans out there still listen to alnums like "Fahrenheit 7800" extensively : )

01. "Livin' on a Prayer"
02. "You Give Love a Bad Name"
03. "Keep the Faith"
04. "Always"
05. "Blaze of Glory"
06. "Lay Your Hands On Me"
07. "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" / "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"
08. "Bad Medicine" / "Shout"
09. "Hey God"
10. "Wanted Dead or Alive"
11. "This Ain't a Love Song"
12. "These Days" (Bonus Video)

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comments on Live from London

michael galang (2014-02-05 02:58:00)
Im michael 46. Im #1 fan of bon jovi since i was young. I want to watch those videos
Fernan (2013-11-23 18:25:05)
Very nice
bomba (2013-07-14 18:07:42)
ang galing ng mga bali high n low notes ferfect.
raffy laoag city (2013-07-05 01:01:51)
im raffy since im in high school his my idol until now
romeo bambalan (2013-07-01 09:29:53)
nice concert by bon jovi
wong fei hong mhudz (2013-06-01 05:44:46)
Best live concert of all time.
eric mana-ay ng pasig city (2013-05-26 03:15:21)
super galing ng bon jovi lahat ng kanta nila paborito ko
ethan clarke a mama-ay (2013-05-26 03:11:36)
hope 2 see u again in manila
Roland gales (2013-03-13 14:41:53)
Nice concert
rover (2013-02-15 09:59:37)
Number one fans
reagan turqueza from philippines (2013-01-31 11:58:26)
Wow!bonjovi band is the best band 4me,they perform perfectly..also richie he is good when it comes to guitar,godbless
PATO DE ARGENTINA (2013-01-29 13:33:24)
PATO (2013-01-29 13:32:09)
Ming (2013-01-02 11:32:28)
glennjovi (2012-11-03 03:56:14)
bonjovi forever trillion times the best no one cant stop this band until the end of time.
antonio (2012-04-15 00:13:21)
this is amazing concert,one of the best bon jovi s concert i dont know what i say i am without words
qwe (2011-10-25 05:36:45)
rock n roll pare!!!!
vincent (2011-10-10 14:17:19)
bon jovi the best
abraham sabdani hapas (2011-02-21 07:23:49)
well correct its my life is better more life mnlf
tonyfe hapas sabdani (2011-02-21 07:21:19)
by d way its great cross road its me and my girl freind
mikeRTA (2011-01-25 08:55:49)
napakalupit..idol 4ver
paul dan (2010-12-17 08:57:22)
my god jon is the best rockstar in entire whole wide world... his my idol when i was a kid,until now jon bon jovi is no.1 rockband... tnx
dexter (2010-12-15 07:24:02)
best bnd ever since.thank you
dexter (2010-12-15 07:23:07)
hi!im dexter from philippines,,,Bon Jovi`s my best bond ,bck to 90`s.
Brody (2010-12-08 08:36:34)
Im from Philippines, Bon Jovi since my College days, way back in 1990\'s
SARAH HAVEN (2010-10-09 04:02:14)
Sharleen (2010-08-18 19:02:51)
Damn that was nice! I envy the little girl Jon danced with and kissed! This concert is AMAZING!
michael (2010-08-06 06:09:58)
michael (2010-08-06 06:09:26)
franklin aninipot (2010-04-06 19:00:34)
im franklin 22 in phillipines the crazy #1 fans of bon jovi sence im 8 year old,i wish we doet together w/ bon jovi in i in consert
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Bon Jovi - Live from London