BON JOVI - Lost Highway - LIVE in Japan video

realease date: 2008 ( 6 years ago )
about Lost Highway - LIVE in Japan: Great concert in Tokyo.
It will start with Jon branging about the band's success : )

Luckily not for too long cause they'll quickly jump to real rocking.

Many songs were from their touring album "Lost Highway".
This is still a rock concert, although many fans were terrified by the idea that Bon Jovi could actually became a full country band.

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comments on Lost Highway - LIVE in Japan

sauro sean basilio (2011-10-28 01:32:51)
I liked this.
svetoslav (2011-07-09 23:43:50)
tammy (2011-05-12 20:27:54)
Bon Jovi you are totally awesome!! saw the concert last summer in Edmonton, AB Canada!!
jason (2011-03-22 09:54:36)
Bon Jovi are great! They\'ve done some TV commercials in Japan too
carlo (2011-03-02 19:55:52)
clyde (2010-05-09 08:25:37)
bon jovi is still the best!!
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Bon Jovi - Lost Highway - LIVE in Japan