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realease date: 1989 ( 25 years ago )
about Moscow Music Peace Festival full concert:
Moscow Music Peace Festival was not just one of the biggest rock events in history - it also marked the history itself. Furthermore, it was the best party officially allowed by the Communist party: D
It took place in USSR, Moscow - Lenin's stadium over 12 and 13 of August 1989.
This was actually just weeks before Berlin wall came down.

The idea that was brought forward was that music can elevate itself above daily politics and that it can inspire masses regardless of its ideology.
From retrospective many critiques view Moscow Music Peace Festival as a blatant invasion of the western culture against the communist east.
While this could be true and also a primary motive, in reality these were one of the rockiest days ever and politics had little to do with it.

As we all know, USSR collapsed just a year later. Radical changes that swept Russia did not contain much of a glorious westernized life that people were expecting. The privileged elite had its moment of glory though, but huge masses of the people soon discovered that everything that shines does not necessary shine for them.

But these two days were something else. For two days Moscow was center of the world and Russian young people finally got their chance to feel rock n roll to its fullest.

Live Aid did not feed the world, Live Earth did not save the planet nor did Woodstock establish the dictatorship of the hippies. The same goes for Moscow Music Peace Festival - the moment lasted only for a short time, but in all of its fakeness and loud hard rock it did accomplish something - the sense of internationalism and a utopian glimpse of a united world.
Music is diverse and takes many forms, but rock was always more than just notes and screams - it does carry a message of unity and solidarity, the one only rockers understand.

While speaking of double standards we cannot omit mentioning the official "mission" Moscow Music Peace Festival was carrying - "say no to drugs and alcohol". Imagine the irony. Half of those performing over two night were either drunk and/or heavily intoxicated by illegal substances : )
But that is just good ol' S,D n rock n roll.

The thing that really caused problems for the concert were actually bands themselves. Almost all of them were huge ego trippers, considering themselves as the biggest rock band on Earth.
Thus heavy fights about who should go on after who broke just before concerts started.
Motley Crue and Ozzie Osborne were especially pissed about the decision that Bon Jovi should headline the event.
Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee even punched the organizer, Doc McGhee, in the face and wanted to leave Moscow on its own.

Luckily none of these arguments were actually carried on the stage. Eventually every band got a 5 song setlist, except for Bon Jovi who remained the headline event and had rather lengthier songs along with a additional props. Second day was headlined by Scorpions who played 6 songs.
In a radio interview (available on Bon Jovi concert tour DVD - Access All Areas), Jon Bon Jovi was asked why they were chosen to be the main performer of the event.
Jon described that organizers in the USSR believed that they are a band that shares non aligned politics and that their songs best describe the unity amongst young people regardless of country of origin.

Another interesting detail from rock invasion on Moscow was Ozzie Osborne. As a gift Ozzie was given several bottles of Russian vodka. But Ozzie had no intentions of keeping these as souvenirs, he drank them all in one night. Completely drunk, or "beyond drunk" as some stated, he tried to kill his wife Sharon Osborne.

The performances of the featured bands were outstanding and the whole event marked the highest point of glam/hard rock. Relatively soon after that the whole genre started to collapse. We could even go so far as to say that glam rock collapsed together with the Soviet Union : )

Moscow Music Peace Festival SETLIST:
01. introduction


01. Holiday In The Sun
02. Making A Mess
03. Piece Of Me / Big Guns
04. 18 And Life
05. Youth Gone Wild

01. Bad Seamstress Blues
02. Coming Home
03. Nobody's Fool
04. Gypsy Road
05. Shake me

01. Lay Your hands on Me
02. Wild In The Street
03. Blood On Blood
04. Wanted Dead or Alive
05. Living On A Prayer

JAM I ( Motley Crue, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Ciderella & Skidrow)
Hound Dog


01. In The name Of Rock & Roll
02. Wild Side
03. Girls, Girls, Girls

01. Bang
02. Within Your Eyes
03. Please Try And Find Me
04. My Generation

01. I Don't Know
02. Shot In The Dark
03. Suicide Solution
04. Sweet Leaf
05. Paranoid

01. Black Out
02. Big City Nights
03. Holiday
04. The Zoo
05. Dynamite
06. Steel Loving You

01. Long Tall Sally
02. Rock & Roll

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old guy (2013-12-08 09:29:54)
i wish i could remember how much the pay per view cost i think it was around $30 that was alot in the day
HMR (2012-02-27 04:25:00)
I was there on the second day. Quite an event in the history of metal.
Mary (2011-12-08 01:05:53)
I remember when it aired on Pay-Per-View, I think I was about 11, still living in Los Angeles. I watched and recorded every second of it as it happened. I wish I still had the VHS tapes of it all. Those were the good ole days of Rock N Roll. Every band that performed is and always will be legendary in my book.
maaagus (2011-10-15 12:08:18)
legendary show...GLASNOST!!!!!....sorry but video links are dead
SHUM (2011-06-24 18:46:58)
я там был)))Это было SUPER!!!!
joanne (2011-06-13 07:14:43)
awesome !
joanne (2011-06-13 05:31:24)
awesome !
MARÖN (2011-04-17 22:29:07)
poca madre porque madres lo quitan CULEROS!!!
il (2011-02-04 14:44:29)
andres (2010-04-13 21:50:52)
chinguen a su madre bola de ojetes por que quitan los videos
bud (2010-03-24 00:07:51)
Flengo (2009-11-28 12:12:22)
amazing show ! One of the greatest rock events ever
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