THE DOORS - Live at Hollywood Bowl 1968 video

realease date: 1968 ( 46 years ago )
about Live at Hollywood Bowl 1968: In the hot summer of 1968. at Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, CA, the Doors performed one of their most memorable concert.
It was Friday, July 5th.

Setlist consists of some of the most famous Doors songs. As you will observe Jim Morrison was also very into his element.

1. When The Music's Over
2. Alabama Song
3. Back Door Man
4. Five To One
5. Hello, I Love You
6. Moonlight Drive
7. Horse Latitudes
8. A Little Game
9. The Hill Dwellers
10. Spanish Caravan
11. Wake Up
12. Light My Fire
13. The Unknown Soldier
14. The End

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comments on Live at Hollywood Bowl 1968

Tk (2013-01-13 07:42:42)
Chambers Bros
steph (2012-12-27 00:58:12)
does anyone remember if there was a concert program handed out or for sale??
t.c. (2012-10-24 21:43:39)
I remember this concert very well. As an usher, was working in section E and it was more than awesome.
Laura (2012-09-09 05:08:54)
i can\'t watch
moncho (2012-05-03 05:03:27)
Exelente !!!!!!!
jon (2012-04-16 16:23:59)
im a big fan of the doors especially jim. the american poet. awesome!!
Brian (2011-11-12 08:12:39)
It\'s depressing seeing such amazing musicians from the 60s and comparing them to today\'s garbage.... What happened?
bruce (2011-10-21 05:52:24)
does anyone know who opened for the doors that night? i do i was there.
mike (2011-10-10 19:40:02)
I wonder how many hits of lsd he has taken. Probly 70 or more.
Mike (2011-10-10 19:38:37)
JIm is a ledend. I cry when I think of him and can\'t see him. I wish he was here. It\'s sad he is not here now.
Mike (2011-10-10 19:36:07)
I am the lizard king. I can take acid and hilusinate. I can drink vodka until I puke and come back. I can see outter space. I see visions of other creatures beyond this earth, especially when I take multiple grams of mushrooms.
Michael (2011-09-02 19:43:18)
What a sensational performance. Jim seems distant, but is full of energy and stage theatrics. It\'s like gold releasing from his voicepipes. I wish I was alive back then to see it and I wish he was still alive today.
Djordjekv (2011-08-13 17:12:15)
\"No more money, no more fancy dress, this other kingdom seems by far the best...\"
Jim (2011-04-12 06:36:02)
So they didnt actually play Hello I Love You at this show?
I\'d rather be a tree (2011-03-11 03:43:33)
Perfect creatures on this could be a fine planet.
LazyBoy (2011-01-20 19:03:31)
these guys are epic!
fernado (2010-11-12 18:04:10)
terrible recital aguanten los doors .saludos desde argentina
Viktor (2010-10-13 12:17:04)
gold years 1960
Joe (2010-09-24 20:18:04)
I only wish I\'d been born early enough to meet Jim Morrison, or even just see a concert. My personal hero. Though I hope I don\'t die at 27.
native socal mom (2010-04-09 14:01:01)
I was there!! It was such an awesome concert.
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The Doors - Live at Hollywood Bowl 1968