THE ROLLING STONES - Gimme Shelter video

realease date: 1969 ( 45 years ago )
album: Let It Bleed
about Gimme Shelter: "Gimme Shelter" is joint effort of Jagger and Richards. In essence it is an apocalyptic song inspired by the events taking place when it was recorded – mainly the Vietnam War.

The song starts slowly by a introduction on the guitar and progresses into a powerful rocking number.

Most notable element is the collaboration with a female singer Merry Clayton. She gave a very powerful performance and is still considered one of the best collaborations the Stones ever did.

The most signifying moment of the song is Clayton’s voice which even cracks on occasion due to the high strain on vocals.

Interesting fact is that "Gimme Shelter" became a major hit, a trademark for the Rolling Stones, but was never released as a single.

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Sunday tripper (2009-11-16 14:15:24)
Mick is a god of rock n roll. Nobody will even come even close to him. Long live Mick Jagger !
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The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter